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Best egg laying chickens – There are many people who, when starting a poultry project, ask themselves the question of which are the best egg-laying chicken breeds, and is that this is perhaps the most important question asked when conducting a type of business like this . There are many varieties of hens, and they all lay eggs, but only a few are of good quality in laying eggs

All hens lay edible eggs with identical nutritional content, but some varieties of birds have been specially bred so that their egg laying capacities are higher and therefore they are superior laying hens than the average. For example, Leghorn hens are excellent for consistent placement, almost daily and produce about 300 eggs per year.

What are the best egg laying chickens ?

Rhode Island Red
Black Star
Red star
Light Sussex
Plymouth Rock
Cuco Maran
Barred rock

If you are looking to know which are the best breeds of hen laying eggs a good hen is one that can average about 300 eggs a year, that is, you will have about 65 days a year that will not lay an egg.

Best egg laying chickens

You’ll do well to consider the Rhode Island Red, White Leghorn, Barred Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte, (but not s*x or hybrid varieties).

Light Sussex or Plymouth Rock are breeds that are good laying hens in general, modern breeds intended for egg production are usually those that have had certain features and improved characteristics to produce more eggs.

A mixed placement of the best breeds of egg laying hens is often a good way to achieve your goals. You may have Leghorn chickens for egg production, some of which are for eating and some that are saved for hatching.

You can then use the brood hens, which are arranged to set up on their own clutch eggs hatching eggs from simply adding them to hens rearing hens with other nests. Some of the best hen egg laying breeds will never sit on their own eggs, but others will get clucked and have eggs very quickly. A combination of the two can make a skirt ideal.
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Male offspring can be used for meat and for sale, while females can be used for egg production more or if there is no more room for sale like chicks to breed. With a renewed interest in backyard birds, there is a strong market for hens and offering their excess for sale can produce a good side income.

laying hen breeds Ultimately, the best egg-laying breed will depend on its purpose if you wish to have a more stable egg or chicks production. Some small breeds of chicken may actually be very good to include in your chicken farm, even though their production of Leghorn eggs goes to either with that or with Rhode Island Reds.

But in addition to wanting to know the best egg laying hen breeds you want to add a little color and fun to your daily egg collection, consider including some of the backyard poultry breeding type. Some like to breed these with the intention of having chicken breeding eggs so that egg production is both consistent and fun with colored eggs.

Regardless of race, the poultry producer must select the hens according to their interest. For example, if the objective is to produce white eggs, the producer should give priority to white-winged hens, and for the production of light-brown eggs it is better to choose hens of that color. ”

The most used breeds of laying hens are: New Hampshire (red) and Rhode Island (red). The laying hens have as disadvantages a worse feed conversion and higher feed consumption, being heavier. However, their eggs are more expensive compared to meat, as they have greater consumer acceptance on a daily basis. ”

In general, the characteristics of a good laying hen are: a prominent ridge, large, silky feathers; pelvis with a distance of three to four fingers between the bones; soft and prominent abdomen. A good hen that lays many eggs is that it must have low mortality rate, the ability to lay above 240 eggs per year, a high percentage of large eggs, good ability to pigmentate buds, disease resistance, high hatching and early se*al maturity.

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